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    The Patent Practice Benchmark is a behavioral data index used to predict and quantify risk. It

    tracks the 20 leading U.S patent practices (PPB 20™) that statistically display the least amount

    of risk based on a Quotia Score™.

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Patent Practice Benchmark – The Top 20 Market Leaders Coming: New Annual Report Coming in 2024

Our Methodology

The PPB™ is composed of the top 20 US patent law firms that have the highest Quotia™ Patent Practice Score™.

To be eligible for consideration in the PPB, firms must meet the following criteria in a calendar year:

  • be based in the United States;
  • have a minimum number of Patent Agents/Attorneys registered and authorized to practice before the USPTO;
  • have a minimum number of published patent applications and patents;
  • have a minimum number of maintenance fee payments.
  • *2024 Benchmark is based on 2023 data*